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It’s widely known that recognition is one of the most meaningful and profound gifts you can give to a person. Using the combined power of social media, traditional media, and word-of-mouth, we’ve created a free program that invites you to shine the spotlight on someone who inspires you by their cause-related work.

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Maggie Doyne


Joe Jones


Casey Baynes


Marga Fripp

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s rewarding, and it can create a true ripple effect of impact. By nominating someone for Talking GOOD, you’re not only giving them the gifts of validation, acknowledgement, and gratitude; you are also giving them the opportunity for national recognition across multiple media channels.

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You are about to do something very generous! No gift is more profound than the gift of recognition. To recognize someone publicly is to validate their very existence and to say: “you make a difference.”

Everything that is submitted in this short form is confidential. To learn more about how your information is used, we encourage you to read our Privacy Statement.

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